The Definitive FSBO Guide to Selling Your Own House
Your free, step by step guide to sell your house without a real estate agent

Have you ever wondered why the Internet has completely transformed other industries ranging from travel to stock trading, but real estate listing agents are still earning the same 2.5% - 3% as 50 years ago and yet house prices have appreciated fiftyfold?

Starting right now, we are going to provide you with a simple road map to sell your own home and pocket the substantial savings. We will provide you all the same insights as a top tier agent, along with a few additional secrets that they wouldn’t want you to know.

Your time is valuable, so we’ve arranged this guide chronologically within 7 digestible stages, with over 150+ actionable ideas for you to market, negotiate and sell your home. There’s an intuitive layout to the content: warnings to watch out for, tips we recommend, and direct links to the best online resources relevant to you.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your house won’t be closed in a week… so we’ll keep track of your progress so you can always begin right where you left off. And you always have the option of reviewing previous chapters as a reference resource.

Stage 01: Decide to Sell by Owner

The first few steps always feel like the most difficult. Don't worry, we will be by your side to help you through the process. We’ll start with a few friendly tips to build momentum. And then we will share two specific items that you definitely want to avoid.

Stage 02: Set the Listing Price

In this stage, we will help you set the initial listing price for your home using the same competitive market analysis as an agent.

Stage 03: Prepare the Home

Here, we'll share pointers to touch up and improve your home to generate as much interest as possible from prospective buyers.

Stage 04: Market the Home

A successful sale starts with generating the greatest amount of interest. We’ll introduce you to the same firms the top tier agents use to stage their homes and take professional photos. Then, we’ll help you compose your listing and post it on all the publications reviewed by prospective buyers, including Zillow and Trulia. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll place a stake in the sand... and maybe even a “For Sale” yard sign in your front lawn.

Stage 05: Show the Home

The only thing better than prospective buyers viewing pictures of your home online is them actually setting foot into your home. In case your house isn’t too talkative, we’ll help you learn the best practices to manage the showings of your home and the followups.

Stage 06: Negotiate Your Offers

Exciting! Offers are coming in and now it’s time to respond. We will introduce you to some great resources to improve your skills as a negotiator. When you are ready to accept an offer, we offer you a step by step guide to evaluate, review and ultimately execute the contracts.

Stage 07: Escrow

Is your heart beating a little faster? Unless you received an all cash no contingency offer, we’ve arrived at the stage where your house will be scrutinized by the buyer’s inspectors and the buyer will need to obtain their financing. We’ll help you set expectations so you have confidence that the sale is progressing smoothly.

Stage 08: Close the Home Sale

Time to find all the copies of your house keys because you’re about to hand them over. We’ll go through the final steps of completing your home sale including completing the city and county forms, paying the transfer taxes, and verifying the closing amounts. Be sure have on hand a couple champagne flutes for the bottle of Veuve Clicquot you’re about to drink. Cheers!

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